It’s All In The Details….

During my last post we were 47 days and counting from the big day.

As I expected it’s now come down to the details for everything, all those tiny little things that start quietly sneak up on you.

So what have we done over the last 35 days?

– Created the timeline for the ceremony including musical cues

– Received our wedding license

– Put together all of the wedding favors (Thanks Jenn Johnson for your help!)

– Checked up on our honeymoon plans

– Created the seating chart

– Coordinated with our friend Eric about officiating the ceremony

– Purchased decorations including frames for photos and our sign-able picture framed

– Paid for the flowers

and so many other tiny little tasks, e-mails and errands that honestly escape me at this point in time. It’s quite remarkable how important all the little details are with such a big event.

This Friday my co-workers are throwing us a wedding shower and Jenny will get her introduction to the C.A.R. staff, people who over the 14 years have become a 2nd family to me.

Little League is coming to an end with my last practice last night, and my final game with the kids on Sunday.

Sometime this weekend I’ll manage to clean the house, and prep it for the arrival of family next Thursday.

While Jenny and I are very excited about everything, we are getting to the point where we’re looking forward to just being done with the planning, enjoying the day with family and friends, going on the honeymoon and beginning our life together as husband and wife.

12 days and counting…

It’s All Getting Incredibly Real and SUPER CLOSE…

So here we are now only 47 days away from the wedding and November which seemed so far away is so incredibly close.

Jenny and I had a feeling that there would be a point in time, that despite our extensive planning and advance work that things were going to come fast and furious as we headed down the stretch.

The past couple of days I’ve happily spent my train rides working on everything from photo shot lists to a hotel for our wedding night to planning out the pace and timing of the ceremony and events.

Jenny has been working away at getting the various accessories for the wedding, putting together and mailing all of the invitations and getting things in line for her formal fitting for her dress this evening.

Some of our bigger to-dos still include…

1. Wedding License

2. Bachelor & Bachelorette Party

3. Cake/Cupcake Tasting

4. Music Playlist

5. Wedding Favors

There’s lots more little things here and there and while slightly overwhelming when combined with work and Kaylin’s little league schedule I couldn’t be more excited, thrilled or happy about all of it. Especially because when it’s all said and done I will have married a woman I thank God for every day and look forward to every day of my life with her.

Food Tasting…Yumminess for our guests


So this post is a little delayed…meant to write it when it happened, but alas life got kind of crazy as we tried to purchase a house. With that mess now behind us I can get caught up on some blog posts and back into my creative writing.

On Saturday, June 23rd we headed to our wedding location for the food tasting.

There we were joined by Jon (my best man), his wife Misty, Jason (Jenny’s Man Of Honor), his boyfriend Eddie and of course Josh and Kaylin.

With a beautiful view surrounding us, we tasted a variety of salads and chicken dishes and everything was pretty darn awesome.

The kids got to sample the chicken fingers and french fries that we’ll have for all the kids.

Now these are no run of the mill salads or chicken dishes. These things were fresh and had A LOT of flavor.

What were they?

What did we choose?


I can’t remember.

I can say that with the helpful insight and comments from our taste testing group we’re going to have a great wedding meal!

We also had a chance to choose our linens for the tables, and again with the help of our group we settled on a really nice silver color that will go well with the Maroon/Burgundy.

Since Jon, Misty, and Eddie hadn’t seen where we’d be having our reception, we took them upstairs and found a reception being prepped that was using the same linens.

As we took a look around and came up with some more ideas to make the reception even better, the kids took to the dance floor to practice the moves they’ll make come November 11th.

It was a great visit and so nice to get the help of those close to us. Another check for the list and again our deep thanks to Jon, Misty, Jason and Eddie for taking the time to help us out!


Countdown To A New Life…T- 6 Months and 3 Days

In a little over 6 months I am going to get married to an absolutely incredible woman.

ImageA woman who reminded me how incredible she was over the last couple of days and continues to show me what a mature and healthy adult relationship is like. She’s even able to put up with me, which can be no small feat sometimes. ;-)

After having a really good evening with Jenny last night and feeling a little more in the creative writing mode I decided to work on my vows while on the train ride in.

I had already written a good part of them and I went through and refined it, added a little here and there and took out some of it so they don’t go on too long. While I think they’re mostly done, I imagine over the next few months I’ll continue to touch them up. In the end though my my ultimate challenge will be getting through them without tearing up.

After working on my vows and reading a Mashable article on using Pinterest to help plan a wedding, I thought why not journal some of my experiences as we get closer to my wedding day? So with that I’m going to start threading in blog posts about my journey towards the beginning of a new life.

We are for the most part pretty well done with the essential parts of the wedding planning.

The location, DJ, photographer, florist, baker, best man, man of honor and rings have been chosen and deposits made.

Her dress is sitting in a closet that I am making sure I go nowhere near and at this point pretty much everyone I know has seen it, but me (of course).

I think this is where it gets interesting though…all the little details.

We still have as yet to do our tasting and set the menu. The flowers while generally thought of aren’t totally selected. The music playlist is something we’ll actually let some of our friends and family help select…just NO CHICKEN DANCE and NO MACARENA!!!

There’s a multitude of other details and selections as well as a special project and a few surprises for our guests that have as yet to be done and I intend to share that experience here so it should be interesting.

So stay tuned…this is gonna be fun!