Chris’ Bio

A native of Southern California, Chris grew up in the beautiful South Bay (15 miles south of L.A.) where he lived with his mom and younger brother.

As a child Chris had many career aspirations. He had dreams of  becoming many things from an attorney to a fighter pilot to an astronaut.

When Chris got involved in the video production crew in high school, he determined that he was meant for more creative endeavors.

Turning his heart and mind towards his creative side, as well as love for the movies. 

He became yet another one of the aspiring writer/directors in Los Angeles, and longed to work with Steven Spielberg. Since he needed something to write screenplays on, he purchased his first computer – a Leading Edge 486SX with 8MB RAM, 14” color monitor, and a black and white dot matrix printer for the then bargain price of $2,000.00.

As he developed and honed his screenwriting skills he came to learn all about computers. This eventually lead him to a job at Comp USA. The timing couldn’t be more perfect for Chris as personal computers were becoming more prevalent, and the internet was about to make a more significant public debut. Some might even refer to that time as the tipping point for personal computing.

After gaining a significant amount of computer expertise he then went on to DevelopMentor, a developer training company. As their systems administrator he gained first hand knowledge about networks, servers and workstations. It was a trial by fire that provided the most incredible education in the world.

For the next 14 years, Chris worked for the for the California Association of REALTORS® (C.A.R.)  as I.T. Manager, and its for-profit subsidiary Real Estate Business Services (REBS) as the Manager of Technology Training Programs.

As C.A.R.’s I.T. Manager Chris was responsible for managing and maintaining a network and computers that connected over 125 desktops, 15 servers in two locations, supporting the operations of an organization that was serving almost 200,000 members at the time.

In the role of Manager of Technology Training Programs, Chris coupled his love for teaching, his creative skills,  and his practical hands-on technical experience to train thousands of REALTORS® across the nation. Each course geared for REALTORS® and their practical use of technology in their daily business. Using a minimum of techno-jargon and a liberal amount of patience and understanding Chris enjoyed helping REALTORS® understand as much as possible about all things tech.

In 2013, Chris took his extensive operational experience, over 20 years of technical education and his incredible passion for teaching REALTORS® to become the Business Operations Manager (BOM) for Harcourts, USA. In his role, Chris was responsible for  helping transition new offices into the Harcourts operational processes, as well as supporting and training the Harcourts family on the powerful Harcourts One back-end system. He supplemented this training with a variety of courses. These courses helped Harcourts effectively implement and use technology to help build/improve client relationships and profits.

When Chris isn’t busy getting geeky with it he enjoys spending time with his wife Jenny, son Josh and step-daughter Kaylin. Together they enjoy going to the beach, playing video games, going for walks, miniature golfing, bowling, and traveling.

When Chris is on his own he enjoys running/working out, catching a good movie, reading on his iPad, and learning as much as possible about marketing & technology. When he has additional free time, he continues to develop and works on screenplays, as he aspires to still one day see his name next to Steven Spielberg’s in the marquee.