It’s All Getting Incredibly Real and SUPER CLOSE…

So here we are now only 47 days away from the wedding and November which seemed so far away is so incredibly close.

Jenny and I had a feeling that there would be a point in time, that despite our extensive planning and advance work that things were going to come fast and furious as we headed down the stretch.

The past couple of days I’ve happily spent my train rides working on everything from photo shot lists to a hotel for our wedding night to planning out the pace and timing of the ceremony and events.

Jenny has been working away at getting the various accessories for the wedding, putting together and mailing all of the invitations and getting things in line for her formal fitting for her dress this evening.

Some of our bigger to-dos still include…

1. Wedding License

2. Bachelor & Bachelorette Party

3. Cake/Cupcake Tasting

4. Music Playlist

5. Wedding Favors

There’s lots more little things here and there and while slightly overwhelming when combined with work and Kaylin’s little league schedule I couldn’t be more excited, thrilled or happy about all of it. Especially because when it’s all said and done I will have married a woman I thank God for every day and look forward to every day of my life with her.

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